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WRPB300 - Guide Pulley

WRPB300 - Guide Pulley

WRPB100 - Spacer Set

WRPB100 - Spacer Set (set of 4)

WRPB200 - Wood Bits Pack

Complete Bits Bag. Includes; 1 Set Dolley Wheel Assembly (WRPD100), 10 JCN/JCB Pairs, 2 Handle Rest/Bolt Pairs
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Complete Bits Bag 
Used For; all connections 
Used On; All S4 Wood Natural and Designer Models 
Includes; 1 Set Dolley Wheel Assembly (WRPD100), of Joint Connector Nuts (JCN) and Bolts (JCB), 2x Handle Rest Set (WRPP430)

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