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WRPT111 - Tank Level Guage Sticker

WRPT111 - Tank Level Gauge Sticker

WRPT102 - Upper Paddle Shaft Oilte Bearing Assembly

WRPT102 - Top & Bottom Oilite Bearing Assembly

WRPT103 - Clutch Oilite Bearing Assembly (Plastic Clutch Only)

Guides and lubricates the paddle shaft. All Models. (Plastic Clutch Only)
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Lower Paddle Shaft Oilite Bearing Assembly 
Used For; Guides and lubricates the paddle shaft 
Used By; All Models 
Includes; Paddle Shaft Lower Oilite, Oilite Collar 
NOTE- The Lower Oilite fits into the Bottom Deck, The Oilite in the Top Deck is WRPT102 

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