WaterRower Shipping Dimensions

WaterRowers are shipped partially disassembled for protection and shipped in two or three boxes, depending on the model. Shipping Dimensions are as follows;

Wood - 1 Box as shown 27kg or 60lbs

S1 - 1 Box as shown, 32kg or 70lbs

M1 - 1 Box as shown, 29.93kg or 66 lbs

Box dimentions for all wood models, S1, M1 Tank Box

22kg or 49lbs

Box dimentions for all A1 Series tank box

Wooden Models - 1 box as shown containing 2 rails-11kg, 23 lbs

S1 - 1 box per machine containing 2 rails-18kg, 40lbs

Box dimentions for rail

M1 LoRise Rail Box - 1 box per machine, containing 2 rails- 23kgs, 50 lbs each

M1 HiRise - 2 boxes per machine, containing 1 rail in each- 10kgs, 22 lbs each

Box dimentions for m1 rail set

A1 Rail Box - 1 box per machine, 13kg, 29 lbs

Box dimentions for A1 Series rail