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Rental Program

At-Home Fitness Without the Commitment

The Advantages of Renting

Minimal Investment

‡Rent for as little as $34.58/month for the A1 Studio, $43.24/month for the Basic Models (Natural or Club machines), $51.92/month for our Premium Models (Oxbridge or Classic machines), and $64.91/month for M1 (LoRise or HiRise).

Rental flexibility

There is no long-term obligation, only a minimum of 3 months rental required. You then have the opportunity to purchase or return the unit at any time or continue renting for as long as you'd like.

Full Product Warranty

The machine is covered under warranty for all parts throughout the duration of the rental period.


Choose from our industry-leading assortment of connected Experiences such as the SmartRow, Bluetooth Commodule, or the Ergatta Immersive Experience. Learn More

(Please Note: these upgraded items are available for purchase only, not available to rent).

‡ Offered through WaterRower Leasing LLC and valid only within the United States (additional charges will apply to HI and AK)

How it works


Once the contract is submitted in full and a unit is ready to ship, we will then charge the credit card on file for the $200.00 deposit, the prorated month (this is dependent on the day the machine is shipped), and one full month of rent on the day of dispatch. You will then not be charged until your 3rd month of rent.

After the three (3) months minimum rental period, you can either continue to rent the unit as long as you like, return or purchase the unit. We determine the purchase price by the age of the machine (at start of rental period) and how long you have been renting the unit for. If you decide to purchase, the $200.00 will go towards the purchase price, and if you decide to return the unit, the $99.95 return fee will come out of the deposit for shipping. If the unit is returned in good condition, you will receive a refund of $100.05.

how to get started

he first step will be to fill out the rental contract below and send it in to or fax it to 401.247.7743. Once we receive your contract in full, we will add you onto our rental list and a rental associate will discuss further steps for dispatch.

Terms and Conditions

Please review the following terms and contions before submitting the rental contract.

Available models for rent

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WaterRower Image
WaterRower Image
WaterRower Image
WaterRower Image
WaterRower Image
WaterRower Image
  • What is the warranty period on the WaterRower while renting?

    The machine is covered under warranty for all parts throughout the duration of the rental period. If the machine is purchased, the warranty will go off of the production date (3 years on the parts and 5 years on the frame). If you purchase an older model that is 3+ years old you will receive an additional year of warranty from date of purchase.

  • Do the monthly rental payments go towards the purchase of the machine?

    No, the monthly rental fees do not go towards the price of the machine but the longer that you rent for the higher the percentage off you receive based on the chart on page 2 of the rental outline.

  • Which model machines are available in the rental program?

    We offer our four most-popular dual-rail wood models (Natural, Club, Oxbridge & Classic), as well as our aluminum-frame rowers (M1 HiRise and M1 LoRise). In addition, our hybrid wood/aluminum rower, the A1 Studio, is provided as an entry-level option.

  • What are the main differences between the models in the rental program?

    The only real difference between the models in the rental program are the materials used to make them. Aside from that, they all function and perform identically.

  • Does the rental customer get to choose the age of the equipment beforehand?

    The rental customer can request their desired age of the model and we do our best to accommodate requirements with the rental stock available. Since used machines are subject to availability, if we do not have the preferred age in stock, a customer can be put on the waiting list until something to their liking becomes available.

  • Can you purchase used machines outside of the rental program?

    No. All used machine stock is only available through the rental program and is available for purchase only after the minimum 3 month rental period requirement is met..

  • Since all rental units require a signed delivery confirmation, am I able to request a delivery of the rental unit on a specific day?

    We ship all our units out FedEx Ground Delivery. If you need to schedule a specific day delivery, this can be done through FedEx Delivery Manager, please click the link to set up your account. Once you have created an account, you can customize your shipment to set up delivery times, request a vacation hold or remotely sign for a package. Units are shipped in 2-3 boxes, depending on the model (see shipping dimensions).

  • What is the shipping charge?

    Shipping is not charged for receiving the WaterRower, only when it is returned to us. The cost of sending the WaterRower back is outlined in the Rental Outline.

  • What is the shipping charge?

    The warranty period is 3 years on parts and 5 years on the frame, from date of production. All warranty claims fall under WaterRower’s warranty program. If you receive the model that is over 3 years old, then the warranty is 1 year from date of dispatch.

    If your claim falls under our warranty program, we will be happy to send you the appropriate replacement parts. For service troubleshooting guides and instructions on how to replace parts, please visit our Owner Resources Page

  • Do the monthly rental deductions go towards the purchase of the model?

    No, the monthly rent is for use of the machine during the month.

  • Can I add accessories to my rental WaterRower?

    Yes, all accessories are to be purchased separate to your rental machine. We do not refunds on accessories.

  • How do I return or purchase my WaterRower?

    To purchase your WaterRower, please send an email to and our representative will send you a purchase quote within 24-48 business hours of receiving the request.

    If you'd like to cancel your contract, we will need written confirmation. To do so, please email or mail in your cancellation confirmation to WaterRower Inc., 560 Metacom Ave, Warren, RI 02885.

    Your rental contract will be terminated on the last day of the first full month after receiving the written notification.

    The WaterRower will need to be packed in the boxes in which it was shipped. Once the WaterRower is packed and ready to be collected, we will issue shipping labels via email with instructions. Once the labels are received, the customer is responsible to either call FedEx to schedule a convenient pick-up or drop the boxes off at their nearest FedEx location.

    Once we receive your WaterRower, it will be checked over for any damages or missing parts. If the WaterRower is returned in good condition, we will refund you your deposit less the pickup fee. The pick up fee is $99.95 and $399.95 for Hawaii and Alaska rental customers.

    You may find instructions for repacking below.

    Tank repacking instructionsRail repacking instructions
  • What happens if I do not have the original boxes in which the WaterRower was shipped?

    When returning the WaterRower, we stipulate that it is to be re-boxed in the original boxes. If you do not have these boxes, you will need to purchase them from WRUS, please contact our RI office at or 1-800-852-2210 to purchase.

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