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    Wall Bars -14 Bars


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    Wall bars are a truly classic piece of sports equipment- there's hardly a gym without one! The fine woods used to manufacture NOHrD WallBars, along with its curved silhouette, present a high-quality piece of furniture that will blend in effortlessly to your home interior. Available in ash, oak, cherry, and walnut woods. The safety cords on the built-in side arm ensure safe training and retract automatically when folded up.


    Made of solid Ash wood. Wallbars with built-in sidearms. Available with 10 or 14 bars.

    • Distance to wall: 2.4"
    • Weight with 10 bars: 42 lbs.
    • Weight with 14 bars:  46.3 lbs.
    • Distance between bars (10 bars): 6.9"
    • Distance between bars (14 bars): 3.9"


    Machine Weight

    46 lbs

    User Weight Max

    350 lbs

    Product Compatibility


    Fitness Category