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WRPT004 Clutch- Tank Assembly with Clutch


S4 Tank Assembly with Clutch
Used For; Contains Water and Generates Resistance
Used By; All Models
Includes; Sealed Tank Halves, Plastic Paddle with Shaft, Wooden Bottom Deck, Bottom Deck Inserts, Oilite Collar, Lower Oilite, Tank Grommet, Clutch Assembly Clutch Roll Pin

*NOTE- Please advise model type when ordering so that the correct wood type Bottom Deck is supplied.*

NOTE: Up until approximately the beginning of 2013, on series 3 and series 4 all-wood models, machines had metal clutches and handles were attached with velcro only.

To Identify what type of clutch you need, please refer to the following link: Click here

For Service Instructions; Click here

For Drawings; Click here

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 29 July, 2011.

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