Rental Program FAQ

What is the difference between the Basic and Premium models?

Basic models include the 2 models from our Natural selection, the Natural in Ash wood with oak stain or the Club in Ash wood with black and rosewood stain.

Premuim models include the Mahogany, the Oxbridge (in Cherry wood) and the Classic ( in American Black Walnut wood) from our Designer selection. Please note that not all types of models are available and when contract is received models which are available will be allocated to you.

Do all Rental WaterRowers come with an S4 monitor?

Yes, all rental machines are retrofitted with the S4 monitor.

What is the warranty period on the WaterRower?

The warranty period is 3 years on parts and 5 years on the frame, from date of production. All warranty claims fall under WaterRowers warranty program. If you receive the model that is over 3 years old, then the warranty is 1 year from date of disptach.

How do I know what age the machine is?

Age of machine depends on which models are available, if you prefer an older model, we will do our best to allocate to you the oldest model we have available.

I would like to get an older Club WaterRower model, how do I go about doing this?

If we have Club models in stock, we will do our best to allocate the oldest one available to you.

Does the monthly rental deductions go towards the purchase of the model?

No, the monthly rent is for use of the machine during the month.

What is the intial charge for renting a WaterRower?

The intial charge when renting the WaterRower includes the deposit plus remaining days of the months rent.

What is the shipping charge?

Shipping is not charged for receiving the WaterRower, only when it is returned to us. The cost of sending the WaterRower back is outlined in the Rental Outline.

If after one month I find the WaterRower is not for me can I return it?

Yes you can return the WaterRower but there is a minimum period of 3 months rent, you will be charged in full for the 3 months rent plus the pick up fee.

How do I return the WaterRower?

We need written confirmation that you would like to cancel your contract, please email rent@waterrower.com your confirmation or mail in your confirmation to WaterRower Inc, 560 Metacom Ave, Warren RI 02885.

Your rental contract will be terminated on the last day of the first full month after receiving written notification.

The WaterRower will need to be packed in the boxes in which it was shipped. Once the WaterRower is packed and ready to be collected, we will organize a pick up before end of contract on a date convenient for you. Collection is done by FedEx.

Once we receive your WaterRower, it will be checked over for any damages or missing parts. If the WaterRower is returned in good condition we will refund you your deposit less the pickup fee.

Click here to download tank repacking instructions, and here for the rails..

What happens if I do not have the orignal boxes in which the WaterRower was shipped?

When returning the WaterRower we stipulate that it is to be reboxed in the orginal boxes. If you do not have these boxes you will need to purchase them from WRUS, please contact our RI office to purchase.