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The Perfect Exercise

Complete Exercise - The WaterRower works 84% of your muscle mass, Legs, Torso and arms in equal proportion, spreading fatigue more completely.

Compliments any sport - The WaterRower is an excellet strength/Cardio exercise and has very little mechanical fatigue reducing muscle ache and risk of injury.

Low Perceived Exertion - The WaterRower, by spreading the work over a broad range of muscles, is unsurpassed it its calorie consumption within levels of fatigue.

Ideal for Heavier People - because rowing is leg based it is ideally suited to heavier people whose leg strength is often high. This makes them better at rowing than say running or stepping.

Low Impact - The WaterRower’s seated position removes the body weight from the injury-prone joints of the ankle, knees and hips. Its exceptionally smooth action removes the impact loading common to most traditional rowing machines.

Self Regulating Resistance - The WaterRower requires no adjustment, the resistance automatically adjusts to match the users intensity. No knowledge of settings required. Suting any user, yourn or old, big or small, fit or unfit.