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Series 4 (IV) - S4 - Performance Monitor Advanced Settings

WaterRower monitor
Manual Workouts Settings Storage- manually store workout settings in one of 9 storage location independent of the AutoStore feature

Manual Workouts Settings Retrieval- manually retrieve settings stored above

Projected Duration- view projected workout duration during distance workouts

Projected Distance- view projected workout distance during duration workouts

Ratio- view the ratio between the power and recovery parts of the stroke.

Advanced Heart Rate Analysis- view Maximum (peak) heartrate- the maximum heartrate achieved, Time spent above the desired heartrate zone, Time spent in the desired heartrate zone, Time spent below the desired heartrate zone. (Heart Rate Transmitter and Receiver required)

Prognostics- view your prognostics (the % of a defined 2km time)

Set Tank Volume- input the volume of water in the tank, necessary in calculation of power (watts).

Total Machine Distance- view the total distance that the machine has travelled.

There are numerous other functions. For more information refer the following links:

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