XL Magazine (UK) September 2004


“If you have over £750 to spend, you’ll be buying quality, heavy-duty work-out equipment. My absolute favourite was the Water Rower. It’s a completely new concept starting from the ergonomically-shaped bar you pull in a webbing strap to achieve a perfect rowing stroke.
“The beauty of it is that the work-out can be as intense or relaxed as you want. Almost silent with a perfectly smooth action, the Water Rower can be soothing or motivating depending on the workload. The machine is beautifully crafted from a range of American timbers, and when stored in the upright position, it looks like a B&.Q speaker.
“It’s superbly engineered with a draw strap used to lift tanks by helicopter and an almost unbreakable water drum made from jet fighter windshield material. The computer displays distance, time, speed and stroke rate. It’s PC compatible and will also soon be available for use in conjunction with a polar heart-rate monitor.