Ultrafit (UK) August 2002

All three of these machines provide excellent value for money, especially when you consider the cost of a decent elliptical, recumbent bike or treadmill. While Horizon’s Oxford rower falls short of the standards set by the other two models here, it is considerably cheaper and its smooth rowing action is perfectly capable of providing a decent rowing workout. While it may not suit Serious rowers, it’s suitible rower for fitness training. You just feel that with a little extra attention to detail like the drive train and foot boards, Horizon could really clean up with this model.


This may seem like a cop- out, but choosing between the Concept 2 or WaterRower Is simply impossible. Why? Because they’re both absolutely superb machines, and even at their higher price points, still offer fantastic value for money. While the Concept 2 edges it on the console feedback and the ‘solidity’ of the rowing action, the WaterRower is prettier, slightly more comfortable, takes up less space, emits wonderful noises in use and has arguably the more realistic rowing action of the two, In addition, recent price rises on the Concept 2 have handed a small price advantage over to WaterRower. The build quality of both is utterly superb and although neither will disappoint you if you were to buy blind, you really owe It to yourself to try them both before deciding.