Ultrafit (AU) September 2004


The WaterRower is another rowing ergo designed for rowers by rowers and aims to bring the rowing experience one step closer to reality by using a system of rotating paddles in a polycarbonate tank containing water to provide the resistance. The build quality is luxurious, with an exquisite attention to detail and the slabs of American premium hardwood on the standard rowers (WaterRower has just released the S1 model – a stainless steel version for commercial use) go to prove that fitness equipment really can be beautiful. Apart from all that hardwood, there’s a shaped, non-slip aluminium oar, a contoured seat, which glides effortlessly on urethane wheels and ball bearings and adjustable pivoting footboards fitted with height adjustable straps. The drive system features a precision clutch to ensure an instantaneous connection at the catch phase of the stroke and the smoked water tank can be filled to different levels to adjust resistance levels, though of course this can’t be done mid-workout! While not as comprehensive as that fitted to the Concept II, the computer console provides all the essential feedback such as distance covered, time elapsed, power output in watts and strokes per minute. The build quality on offer is reflected in the home-use warranty, with a generous a 3-year on parts and labour! In use, the WaterRower offers another superb rowing experience. The rowing action is very smooth throughout the entire range of movement, and while the Concept II majors on utter smoothness and solidity, the WaterRower transmits more feedback to the oar as the paddles swish through the water. Although the result is a fractionally less smooth, it’s arguably even more realistic. Comfort levels are also extremely high – the oar is perfectly shaped for gripping by average sized hands and the seat is not only feels good on the backside but also has a great gliding motion. And then there’s that glorious swishing sound, reminiscent of a babbling brook as those blades swirl the water. Fantastic! For more details call WaterRower on 02 9748 0591 or www.waterrower.com.au