Personal Trainer for Women (UK) July 2003


The Benefits of Rowing



In the last issue, our Health Editor Craig Lister B.Sc. Hons compared the fat-burning benefits of rowing and running. He found them both to be highly effective for losing weight if combined with a healthy and low-fat diet. While most of us don’t tend to think of the rower as an effective calorie-burner and only tend to use it as a warm-up machine in the gym, it is highly effective. The rower works most of the major muscles in the body and can be ideal for helping you lose weight and tone up so long as you are able to master the correct technique.


To prove the point, we’ve put the rower to the test. Anyone who bought our February/March issue in January would have read the remarkable story of Elisa Quevedo, a determined and dedicated fitness enthusiast, who lost almost four stones in body weight by changing her diet and making weight training and cardio workouts a regular part of her life. Elisa used the cross-trainer and the bike to help her lose weight, but recently found that her weight was beginning to plateau and she was unable to shed anymore pounds.
We always advocate variety and a change to your exercise programme if your progress slows down (to keep the body constantly challenged), so we arranged for Elisa to have the use of a completely different machine -the WaterRower-to see how effective it was for weight-loss and whether it could kickstart her progress.


For six weeks, Elisa used the WaterRower daily at home and followed the nutritional programme given to her by WaterCoach – part of the WaterRower company. Training at home rather than in her friendly local gym was also a new concept for Elisa. So how did she get on? Did the rowing machine rejuvenate her progress and how did she cope with training in a more solitary environment rather than having her friends at the gym on hand to provide support and encouragement?