LA YOGA Magazine – September 2012

Everyone has flaws. I have an addictive personality;
“Powerless-ness” is my middle name. When
I walk into any 12-step program, people wink,
nod, and smile because they’ve seen me so often.
Recently I found Indo-Row, my newest obsession,
and I’m never letting go.

Indo-Row (short for indoor rowing) is a workout
done on a specialized rowing machine that
uses water as a resistance mechanism.
I first became aware of this phenomenon when
I attended the Equinox Sports Club in West LA’s
“Shockwave and Indo-Row Summer Slam.”
The buzz: Indo-Row requires no experience and
classes burn up to 1,000 calories. Count me in!
The event was held on the club’s upper outside

When I entered the area, there was as
much excitement, cheering, and screaming as if it
were the finish line of the LA Marathon or a gold
medal contest at the Olympics.
It was there where I met Josh Crosby, an Ironman
triathlete and world-class rower, who, along
with Jay Blahnik, created Indo-Row…

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