Boston Magazine – May 2013

“To be succinct, it’s brutal. The class, offered at Equinox, has you moving among eight stations, two of which are rowing machines. The length of time you’re at each station is dependent on the people using the rowing machines—when the last rower finishes that round’s pre-determined distance (either 300, 200, or 100 meters, depending on what phase of the class it is), everyone rotates. But don’t think the non-rowing stations are a piece of cake. In the 45-minute class you’ll use kettlebells, body bars, and sandbags, and do push-ups, planks, and squats. Note: Don’t forget that water bottle.”

“Intense, but also supportive and fun. The class has a competitive edge to it and you will absolutely be dripping sweat by the end, but the instructor also encourages cheering for the people on the rowing machines and moving through the class as a team, complete with high-fives at the end. There’s never any shaming or making the slowest rower feel guilty, only positivity and motivation.”