InStyle – Actress Anna Friel is hooked on WaterRower

Anna Friel is the latest celebrity to get hooked on the amazing results of rowing several times a week.

Rowing is an almost perfect top-to-toe work out as it uses a whopping 84% of the body’s muscles and will help you burn up to a staggering 1000 calories an hour. An effective class work out with a water rower will help curb jiggling bingo wing, muffin tops, wobbly thighs and that all-important tummy area as well as getting your heart pumping – it’s fantastic cardiovascular workout. Plus, doing a class with a water rower machine which use a tank full of water as resistance rather than a cold, murky river, there’s no need to get wet!

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Anna also recently reviewed the WaterRower:

“It’s great because with Gracie (my daughter) I can’t really get to the gym but with the WaterRower I can just lower it down and have a quick workout while Gracie runs around the house… The WaterRower is a piece of exercise equipment that lasts and actually looks nice. We originally bought it because it’s made from this beautiful wood and fitted into our house in Windsor, but it looks great in LA as well …the added bonus is that if you don’t have a gym it tucks neatly behind a door. I love it.”